luxury hotel Venice
Venice luxury hotel
luxury hotel Venice

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July 07 2005

Cara Magazine Jan2005

Palazzo Abadessa
Yes, it is a palace, albeit a small one Ė but donít tell the neighbours. Located in the Cannaregio sestieri (one of six areas into which Venice was divided in the 11th century), Palazzo Abadessa dates from the 16th century, yet it has all the mod cons one would ever need. And some other cons, too: 17th century frescos, hand painted ceilings, walls lined with silk, baroque bedsteads and ornate Murano chandeliers.

Initial impression
The first thing you need to make sure of is that Glenn Closeís character from Dangerous Liaisons isnít hiding behind the drapes; Palazzo Abadessa really is straight out of a movie set, yet this one is authentic. Is it a guesthouse? A boutique hotel? A mansion? A villa? Mix all these together and youíve got one hell of a place to stay

There are twelve; the one I stayed in had everything just right (although precious little space for a laptop; but then perhaps itís really not the place for work?) with a perfect blend of antique and contemporary

Well I never
If you feel in the mood and want to impress your partner (or even spoil your good self) you can take a private water taxi from Marco Polo airport directly to the canal at the Palazzo Abadessa. Posher than posh? We think so

The epitome of elegance. You plan to stay here on your next visit to Venice? You lucky, lucky thing


Venice luxury hotel luxury hotel Venice
Venice luxury hotel luxury hotel Venice Venice luxury hotel

Palazzo Abadessa - Palazzi Design srl · Calle Priuli, Cannaregio 4011, 30121 Venice, Italy · Ph. +39.041.2413784 · Fax +39.041.5212236 ·

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